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Our Demolition, Junk Removal, and Hauling Services

We offer services to residential and commercial clients in and around the Eastern Tennessee areas of Knoxville, Oak Ridge, Maryville, Chattanooga, Sevierville, Pidgeon Forge, and Gatlinburg.


At Done Right Haul Away LLC professionalism is trait that we take great pride in. We strive to ensure our customers are satisfied through our honesty and integrity. As an independent owner-operator junk removal service, we will provide you an estimate either same day you call or within one day!

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Clean-out / Junk Removal

GET RID OF YOUR JUNK! Have an eye sore? Doing a house project? Wanting or needing your yard to look better? Let us get dirty and while you sit back and relax, then enjoy the finished product....a neat and orderly area! Ideal for Realtors or Investors looking to sell and need get great pictures, home owners without the time or means to do it themselves, or commercial businesses that need to stay focused on their work, not cleaning up a big mess. Call (865) 236-0101 to remove your junk!

We've all been there, collecting "stuff" over the years as we move on in life, watching it pile high in the garage, shed, basement, or any other nook and cranny you can find. Done Right Haul Away will clean-out your mess and haul it away for you.

Call us at (865) 236-0101 for residential or commercial clean-out services!


Doing yard work, but don't have a truck and need that mulch delivered? Took down some trees and need them gone? Done Right Haul Away LLC can haul it for you. We will haul your yard, home, or business project materials and equipment. Dirt, stone, rock, gravel, sand, equipment, building materials, or just junk. Let us haul it to you or away for you.
Our Done Right Haul Away concept is, "If it fits, we'll haul it"!

Done Right Haul Away LLC is committed to providing our Eastern Tennessee customers with professional and affordable demolition, clean-out, junk removal, and hauling services. We serve residential and commercial customers in Knoxville, TN.  If you need a structure such as a mobile home, shed, or garage demolished, junk cleaned up, removed and hauled away, give us a call (865) 236-0101!

At Done Right Haul Away, we pledge to be professional and courteous to every customer. We are fully licensed and insured offer fair and affordable pricing regardless of the size of the job you want completed.

Many of our clients include:

  • Real Estate Investors that don’t have the time or resources to prepare a residential home or commercial office for showing and selling…. MAXIMIZE YOUR PROFIT!
  • Residential home owners wanting to have their garage, shed, basement, etc. cleaned out, junk removed, and hauled away. We also provide delivery of mulch, sand, rock, etc. for those doing landscape work to improve their home's appearance. Whether the job is too big or you just don’t feel like doing it, Done Right Haul Away LLC will do it for you... SIT AND RELAX!
  • Commercial businesses needing a professional service so they can focus on their business... LET US DO THE WORK FOR YOU!
  • Builders and contractors needing to devote their efforts with their skillsets, not cleaning up the mess or worry about having material delivery. Let Done Right Haul Away do it!

Done Right demolition and junk removal services coordinates and handles many logistics when working with other service providers in order to ensure you receive the quality service you expect. We are fast and efficient....2 ton loads dumped in 2 min at the landfill!

Done Right Haul Away LLC

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